What is the AFrEZ?

The “Association Francophone des Étudiants de Zürich”, short AFrEZ, is a student organisation of Zürich created in early 2007 . The name and logo derive from the wordplay”l’AFrEZ” which sounds similar to “La Fraise”, the French for strawberry.

Who and how many?

  • More than 300 registered members.
  • Anyone may become member for free. There are no restrictions linked to spoken language.
  • Becoming a member entitles you to receive our newsletter and to have special services and privileged accesses to our events..
  • We have members from all over the world. Cameroun, France, Canada, Japan…

Our goal?

The AFrez sets four main goals. To

  • welcome new french-speaking students ins Zürich.
  • give everyone the chance to taste french-speaking cultre.
  • propose qualitatively high events
  • make French accessible to our fellow students.

Our partners

  • The VSETH, head student organisation at the ETH
  • The VSUZH, head student organisation at the Universität Zürich.
  • The Nachtseminar, stutdent parties every thursday in Plaza.
  • The AG StuZ, charged of promoting the student parties in the student club StuZ.
  • The Veranstaltungsdienst der ETHZ and the Rektoratdienst der Universität, who often are of great help for many of our events, advertisings and decision taking.


  • Main Sponsors every year are the wine producers who sponsor us with wine for our yearly automnal “La Dégustation de l’AFrEZ”. A list to those sponsors can be found under “Events/Dégustation”.

Other sponsors have been:

  • 2012: Orangina, Ricard
  • 2013:
  • 2014: Red Bull

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