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EVENT : Nik’s Hütte

Our association will be participating in «Nik’s Hütte» which will be held at ETH Hönggerberg between the 3rd and 22nd December 2018. Every day the bar will be hosted by an association, and AFrEZ will be present on the 4th of December. The concept is similar to the “summer bar” but with a wintery twist. (…)

Date of event: décembre 4, 2018

EVENT : Wine, cheese, and chocolate tasting

Dear all wine and cheese lovers, We are very excited to be able to invite you all to our annual wine and cheese tasting. As promised, we have organized some time points, at which you can come buy your ticket to heaven (heaven isn’t entirely free: 10 CHF per person)! And be well aware that (…)

Date of event: novembre 22, 2018

EVENT : General Meeting

The AFrEZ General meeting will this year take place at the end of the spring semester. It will be the occasion to elect the new committee. The meeting is open to all members and will take place in the KOL-G-212 room of the main building of the university Zurich. It will start at 19.

Date of event: mai 28, 2018

EVENT : Nachtseminar

We will be hosting the final Nachtseminar for this semester on Thursday the 17th of May at the Plaza Club. Come along for a fun evening! More details can be found on the Facebook event.

Date of event: mai 17, 2018

EVENT : AFrEZ Pétanque

Come join us for a friendly afternoon competition of petanque. It will be held on Thursday the 10th of may, at Josefwiese. Drinks and snacks will be provided by the association. Please note that this event will only take place with good weather. We will make an announcement on Facebook in case the event should (…)

Date of event: mai 10, 2018

Upcoming Events :

No events planned for the moment.